Before the Year Ends

So before the years comes to an end I wanted to do one more post. This post I just wanted to write about how incredibly blessed I was this year. When the year started I was just an ordinary design student hoping I would be able to just finish an outfit that came from my own creative minds eye. By February still very weary about my sewing skills because I have only taken on sewing class the the semester before I was talked into doing a small collection for my schools end of year fashion show. Little did I know that doing this fashion show was going to change my plan for the rest of the year!


Fast forward to June I was scouted to do another local fashion show and add more pieces to my current collection, and from that was asked to be in Phoenix Latin Fashion Week and showcase a whole new collection. Doing all these shows were such great experiences for me. Taught me to be more detailed oriented and be more aware of my brand and choose people who to work with that really support myself and my brand that I am trying to build. I am extremely grateful for all these experiences I had to work with so many talented people. Be apart of so many collaborations for photo shoots and to have clients that order my pieces and really love my designs.

I think most of all I am so excited to continue my education at the school of my dreams! Being accepted to Paris College of Art was truly the highlight because I have worked so hard and made a dream into a goal and that goal into reality. There is no better feeling when you can make dreams that seem so far fetch into reality. And come August I will be living the next 3 years in Paris! Like Paris will be my home and that just seems so surreal. Especially coming from someone who not long ago was bedridden with health problems and to this day deal with pain I have proved ( at least to myself) that you can overcome any obstacle no matter how big and go after your dreams.


This year has truly been a blessing and I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store for me.


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