Arizona Girl in Paris – First Paris Fashion Show!

This week was another busy week at school (as usual); however, attending Paris College of Art, the unusual is always the usual. On Wednesday, my teacher surprised us with a little field trip! For those of you who are unfamiliar, this week is Paris fashion week. I had the incredible opportunity to see my very first PFW fashion show! We were able to see Wanda Nylon’s first fashion show. Wanda Nylon has been known for her “functional luxurious stylish wardrobe which have been inspired by water protection” Most of her clothing has been of nylon; however, in this show, she presented a collection that was indicative of change very much like her venue, under construction. The construction site venue provided the audience a really cool vibe. As swag gifts she provided her guests with white construction hats with her logo. Her Spring/Summer 16’ line was filled with appealing designs that were unexpected along with a various fabrics that were provoking to the eye. I was able to see how she intermingled metallic, nylon, with other fabrics. Overall her show was fabulous from the choice of venue, music models and of course the great designs.

On Saturday night I was able to attend the Nuit Blanche event that was taking place in the evening. Nuit Blanche is an event where art museums, music and showcases occur all throughout Paris! I was able to see a couple places like the Pompidou, a building in the 4th arr, named after Georges Pompidou, one of the Presidents of France. The building holds a library and the Museum of Modern Art. I was so fortunate to see awesome art work and of course the beautiful view of Paris in the evening.
The rest of the evening, a friend and I, decided to walk around, explore and take in all the special nuances of Paris. During our walk, we stopped by some other cool exhibits that were going on. We ended up walking from Pont Neuf to the Eiffel Tower. We were so busy taking it all in, time escaped us and it was then that we realized that the metro had closed for the evening. Ooops! Tired but happy from our excursion, we decided to walk to my apartment which is located in the 15th arr (30 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower). By the time we got home it was 4:00 a.m. and although it was a very long night it was so worth it because we took in not only art but a small portion of the history that Paris has to offer!

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