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So I moved to Paris a little over a week ago and mother left 5 days ago. Leading up to my move I never really got emotional and upon arriving still no over flow of emotions. At some point I was expecting to get really sad and home sick since not only did I move countries but also I have never lived on my own in my whole 23 years of living. I assume that I will get more homesick closer to the holidays since its my favorite time of the year and I love to be with my family then. But when arriving to Paris everything felt right even though not everything has gone smoothly haha. We arrived a few days early to settle in my new flat (which by the way is amazing and very parisian!) set up a bank account, phone and internet you know all todays’ necessities. Unfortunately the french system with opening these accounts is quite difficult for a foreigner. Still to this day have none of those accounts so until then my only connection to the rest of the world is at the local starbucks with free wireless internet (praise the lord!) because life without phone and internet is a bit hard to get around in a foreign country. On the bright side it makes you appreciate your surroundings a bit more (at least that’s what I decided to tell myself) and I have gotten to know the subway system and my neighborhood pretty well!


Last Monday I started orientation week which was pretty awesome. My school has a total of 47 nationalities and american students only makeup 20% which is also the highest group. So you can just imagine just one big melting pot of artistic students. Which is really cool because you get to learn about different backgrounds and how a lot of us is in a bit of culture shock since most of us have never lived outside our countries. So in a way we have a kinship since we are going through similar emotions…. Back to orientation week, so far its been meetings on how to settle into Paris, setting up classes and in the evenings doing museum trips. So its been pretty easy and fun orientation week. I went into the school thinking I would be a sophomore but to my surprise I’m actually considered a Junior on design level but a semester behind. Which freaked me out a bit because I am worried my skill set wont be up to par with the rest of the class. I am ready to work my ass off to be at the same level as my my new class. With my schedule this semester I will be quite busy with being scheduled 19 credit hours on top of that working at my school at least 12 hours a week. Classes start Monday and I am so ready for them!

So as today marks my last day before my schedule gets hectic I had planned to d some shopping which I found out I cannot do because Paris is basically closed on sundays and you cannot do much except really just enjoy it which I guess I will do by staying at the starbucks as long as possible hopefully catch up with family but at the moment it is in the middle of the night back home. So in the mean time I’ll aimlessly be on social media accounts and watch The Big Bang Theory on Netflix! ( which I’m so excited its now on Netflix) I also hope you enjoy my pictures of sites Ive seen so far!











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4 thoughts on “Arizona Girl in Paris

  • Morya


    I’m so happy for you and remaining positive and optimistic is the key. Your drive and ambition will carry you through. Because of your focus, your skill set will develop in no time. Girlfriend, you got this. I wish I were there with you. Hugs and kisses —- Morya B.

  • Amanda Turley

    Oh my gosh Laurel! I cannot tell you how happy I am and excited! I kinda wish I was there so I could exsperience all these awesome things with you!!! I best your mom and sister do too! I request a pic/ tour of your flat.
    Love you!

    • Frances Wangen

      I am so happy for you, and love your courage to be able to do this.I love the pictures and it just looks so beautiful. I look forward to future updates. God bless you. Love, Fran

  • Ebony

    Oh, how I would love to be there. Enjoy everything Paris has to offer, for our experiences only last but a moment but your memories will last a lifetime. Being some what cut off has its advantages. You are able to truly see the city as many of us are handcuffed willing to our gadgets and await every post to our social media pages lol. Blessing to you over there, Carpe diem young Lady!