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So last Sunday I decided to go to Versailles with a friend from back home that is backpacking through Europe. Now I have been to Versailles before in ’09 when visiting Paris with my family. This time; however, I not only go through the ornate palace but I also went through the gardens and visited Marie Antoinette’s “little” farm house for the first time. The beauty that Versailles has is so breathtaking! I took pictures for you to see but I will just let you know that these pictures does the place justice, so I will just urge you next time you are in Paris you visit Versailles.


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I got up bright and early Monday morning ready to start all my exciting classes I was assigned to! My average schedule is school Monday- Friday from 10-7pm with an hour break for lunch which seemed manageable at first but what I did not realize was that I would not have the ample amount of time for homework  and  to work for my school which helps me to keep my financial aid… Although all my classes are interesting and I would love to keep them I have come to the conclusion that I will have to drop a couple in order to do the best I can in each of them. So, even though I’m no longer taking 19 credit hours and 30 hours of class time I am much happier with my new schedule. At the end of this past school week when I had everything on my plate, I was stressed out with so much. I I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to do everything because it was only the first week of school and I was already stressed out! On top of that I still do not have internet or a telephone which is making it more difficult to get around for me to get my school supplies and do the  homework I have for this week efficiently. Other than the schedule overload I really LOVE my classes I am taking this semester! and as the semester goes on I will tell you more about how I feel about them and the exciting projects I will be working on. I’m taking a junior design class and this is what I draped on day 1. This will not be my final design and I actually went a slightly different route on my inspiration but I figured I would show you just a sneak peek.




So after my first week of classes ended I didn’t want to do anything really exciting this weekend and just really wanted it to be real low key. So Saturday as the pouring rain started pouring I decided to walk to the internet store to see if there was anyway I I could connect to home. But once again no luck in that department, I did; however, see a Sephora which made me so happy because it reminded me of home! and after I was done window shopping I found this quaint little bar/cafe called 3Ducks. This little place which is mainly English based is also very nice. Later, I realized it was attached to a cool little hipster hostel. So, if you are looking to stay in the 15th, remember 3Ducks for a place to stay. From there I went to the art store and get my supplies for classes. The art store is about 830 km away from my flat. which isn’t so bad. The closeness of everything is why I really love my neighborhood. But I think my favorite thing I did this weekend was this I Since Paris basically closes (stores), I decided to go to the  pop up farmers market.  This market that is about 200km long and shops are set up on each side of the street. I was able to go before it started to rain again. Therefore, I got all my fruits and veggies for the week. Which at first I was a bit intimidated because my french is still really poor and everyone was so quick with their ordering.  I stood frozen for a couple minutes until I got over it and proceeded to order my fruits and veggies. I also noticed that these farmers markets not only sell fruits, veggies, fish and meat but they also have clothes, house decor and flowers.  I really just enjoyed walking up and down the market seeing all the goods. Now, as I sit at my local Starbucks I must wrap up this weeks blog so I can continue to work on my homework for this week. If you are interested in following me during the week you can follow me on social media like insta gram and snapchat where I post what I am working on and interesting things I see and basically how I am living my Parisian life!


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