Meet the Artist

Laurel Symone has been an avid art enthusiast pretty much her entire life. She found the love for fashion at a very young age by designing pieces in her drawings and she grew up she cultivated her talent as much as possible.  At the age of 18 Laurel dealt with health issues and to this day have not been diagnosed. Recognizing that life is precious and that every moment counts, Laurel has dealt with auto immune disorders; however,  she persevered by designing and reaching new heights in the fashion industry. Within the short amount of time she has grown as stylist and designer and making a name for herself.

“If I could do one thing in life it is to be doing something I am passionate about. I am passionate about fashion and the art world. I just want to show the world my point of view of life. It is my way of leaving a footprint for tomorrows world.”

The Brand

Laurel Symone’s brand is about showing women how you can you can wear art inspired clothing in a way where it is sleek, powerful, sexy, and beautiful at the same time. This brand is for women who see their clothing as part of themselves and show the world how much they value their own being.