I am an Arizona native who was nurtured in the arts from a very young age. It included everything from performing arts (singing, dancing and acting) to visual arts (painting). I transitioned from being a performer to organizing events/shows for schools. At the age of 19, I was struck by an array of health problems that prevented me at the time to continue with performing and teaching.  Being bed ridden for about 8 months, I taught myself how to sew as my mind continued to create. It was during this time, that I found a deep love and appreciation for fashion and design.  Eventually, through many doctor’s visits and learning how to take care of my body, my health improved.  After deciding to take a couple of classes at the local community college, I was inspired and challenged to create fashion and eventually the door opened for me to move to France to acquire my degree in Fashion design. Living abroad for about 3 years with health issues was still a major struggle as at times daily normal activities were difficult to perform.  After suffering other traumatic experiences, after graduation, I decided to move back to the states. Living in California helped me go inwards to heal from the inside out through mediation and I also found out how to heal with plants. I was called to move back to my home state of Arizona to do a full body, soul and mind healing journey. This journey has led me to appreciate the magical qualities of plant healing where I have been able to heal most of my ailments and learn how to strengthen my entire body. I have also learned how to tap into the sacred feminine energy and to connect more with the powers of our Yoni and our cycles. I hold daily space by connecting with plant medicine, continuing my love of arts through fashion and music as well as body to empowerment. I rejoice in soul love.