Pleasure Goddess
Pleasure Goddess
Pleasure Goddess

Laurel Symone

Pleasure Goddess

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Goddess oil- This oil is meant to replenish, soothe, and stimulate your smell and physical senses.


Sweet almond oil- Toning & replenishing

Blue lotus- Moisturizing, aphrodisiac, & balances

Ginger- Stimulant, anti-inflammatory, & aromatic

Clove- Anti-aging & toning

Lavender- Calming tissue, muscle relaxant, & anti fungal

Rosebuds- Tones, cooling,gentle, and astringent to sensitive areas

Calendula- Aids in healing scar tissue, cleanses, lessens inflammation

Red Raspberry Leaf- Strengthens & tones

Neem Leaf- Regenerative, skin tonic, antibacterial & anti fungal

Géranium oil- Calming & anti-aging

Bergamot oil- Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory

Ylang ylang oil- Relaxant,antibacterial, aphrodisiac

Sweet fennel oil- Soothing

Tea tree Oil- Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory

Patchouli oil- Replenishing & calming

Pleasure Goddess